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What is Toolerz Age Calculator?

Age Calculator from Toolerz is a Free Online Tool that Calculates your exact Age based on the Date of Birth given.

We have spent more than 90 hours developing an age calculator that provides accurate age till today. This application calculates a person's age based on their date of birth and the current date.

This is the best tool to determine someone's age quickly and accurately without manually calculating the years, months, and days.

How does our Age Calculator Work?

Our age calculator typically works by taking the input parameters like birth date and comparing it to the current date.

It then calculates the difference between the two dates in terms of years, months, and days.

Our age calculator also provides additional features such as calculating age in different units (e.g., years, months, weeks, days).


Age calculators can be useful in various situations, including:

Personal Use: Individuals may use an age calculator to quickly calculate their age or the age of family members and friends.

Professional Use: Professionals in healthcare, education, and human resources may use age calculators to verify ages for various purposes, such as eligibility for services, programs, or benefits.

Historical Research: Historians or researchers may use age calculators to determine the ages of historical figures or events based on known birth and death dates.

Event Planning: Event planners may use age calculators to determine the ages of attendees for age-specific events or activities.

Overall, an age calculator is a handy tool that simplifies the process of calculating age and can be used in a variety of contexts for both personal and professional purposes.

Functionality of Age Calculator:

Any age calculator works by calculating the difference between two dates: the date of birth given and the current date. Here is a simplified explanation of how it typically works:

Step 1: The user provides the date of birth whose age they want to calculate. This includes the day, month, and year of birth.

Step 2: The calculator retrieves the current date from the system and computes the difference between the current date and the birth date in terms of years, months, and days.\

Step 3: Finally, the calculator displays the exact age of the user on the screen, indicating the number of years, months, and days since the person's birth.

The below image gives a clear understanding of how our tool calculates the age based on date of birth.

Age Calculator

How to Calculate Date of Birth in Toolerz

Here is the step-by-step procedure to calculate the exact age using our tool. The whole process takes just 3 steps, here are those.

Step 1: Visit the home page of our website

Step 2: Search for "Age Calculator" in the search bar and enter the new page.

Step 3: Enter the "Date of Birth" in terms of Date, Month, and Year & the system automatically takes the current date.

Hit the calculate button to get the exact age based on the date of birth given.

FAQ on Age Calculator

Q1. How does an age calculator work?

Ans: An age calculator works by calculating the difference between the date of birth given and the current date in terms of years, months, and days. It calculates the difference between two dates & displays the exact age.

Q2: Why would I need to use an age calculator?

Ans: Age calculators are useful to determine someone's age without calculating their age manually. They are commonly used in various contexts, including personal, professional, and historical research departments.

Q3: Can I calculate someone's age at a specific date in the past or future?

Ans: Yes, our age calculator allows you to input a specific date, either in the past or future, to calculate someone's age at that particular point in time.

Q4: Do age calculators account for leap years and varying month lengths?

Ans: Yes, our tool takes into account leap years and varying month lengths to accurately calculate age.

Q5: How many types of age calculators are there online?

Ans: There are many age calculators online that calculate the age based on the given date of birth. While the basic functionality of age calculators remains the same, there may be variations in features such as the ability to calculate age in different units, adjust for time zones, or account for differences between calendar systems.

Q6: Is the Toolerz age calculator accurate?

Ans: Age calculators are generally accurate, but the accuracy may vary depending on factors such as the implementation of leap year calculations and month length discrepancies.

Toolerz development team has spent more than 90 hours developing this tool, our age calculator provides accurate results based on standardized algorithms.

Q7: Are there age calculators available online for free?

Ans: Yes, there are many free age calculators available online. These calculators are often simple to use and accessible to anyone with an internet connection. The tool from Toolerz also offered for free.

Q8: Is there a specific age calculator recommended for professional use?

Ans: There are very few companies offering age calculators for free for professional use. One of the best online age calculator tools for professional use is the "Toolerz Age Calculator". You can access the tool here.