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Free Online Barcode Generator

Toolerz Online Barcode Generator is a free online tool that creates barcode images.

Barcodes are visual representations of data that can be easily scanned by barcode readers or scanners.

Barcodes are commonly used for various purposes, such as inventory management, product labeling, and tracking.

Toolerz Text to Barcode Converter

Let us look at how our website converts text to barcode online:

Step-1: The user is asked to enter the data/ text they want to encode into the barcode. This could be numeric or alphanumeric information.

Step-2: After entering the input text, hit the "Generate Barcode" button appears in blue color.

Free Barcode Generator Online

Step-3: The barcode generator processes the input data and transforms it into a graphical representation of the barcode. This image can be in the form of vertical lines arranged according to the specific barcode symbology.

Step-4: The generated barcode is displayed on the screen and available to download in PNG format. Users can then download or print the generated barcode image. The barcode can be printed on product labels, packaging, or documents.

Step-5: Once printed, the barcode can be scanned using a barcode scanner or a mobile device equipped with a camera. The scanner interprets the pattern of the barcode and decodes the information stored in it.

Barcode generators are valuable tools for businesses and individuals who need a quick and efficient way to store information on products or documents.

It provides a cost-effective solution for implementing barcode systems without the need for specialized equipment or software.

Toolerz website is offering 500+ free online tools for various needs. You can try our similar tools like Online QR Code Generator, GIF Maker, or other image compressors

How to Select the Best Type of Barcode for My Business?

Selecting the best type of barcode for your business involves considering various factors like industry requirements and the type of information you want to encode.

Here are our suggestions for choosing the best barcode generator:

1. Understand Your Requirements:

The first step is to identify the purpose of using barcodes in your business. Are you tracking inventory, managing assets, or labeling products for retail?

2. Research Industry Standards:

Different industries have different standards for barcoding.

For example, UPC (Universal Product Code) barcodes are used in retail businesses, while BarCode 39 and BarCode 128 are widely used for general identification and logistics. Choose the relevant barcode type that suits your industry.

3. Consider Data Requirements:

Understand the type and amount of data you need to encode. Some barcodes, like QR codes, can store more data than others. If you need to encode alphanumeric characters or a large amount of information, a 2D barcode like QR code generator may be more suitable.

4. Evaluate Scanning Environment:

Consider where and how the barcodes will be scanned. If scanning will be done in various environments, such as retail stores or warehouses, choose a barcode type that works well in different lighting conditions and distances.

5. Check Scanner Compatibility:

Ensure that the barcode scanners you plan to use are compatible with the selected barcode type. Not all scanners can read all types of barcodes. Keep this in mind before choosing the type of barcode.

6. Cost Consideration:

Evaluate the cost of implementing a particular barcode system. Some barcode types may require specific equipment or software, and costs can vary. Consider your budget constraints.

7. Future Scalability:

Choose a barcode system that allows for scalability in the future. If your business is likely to grow or if you plan to expand into new markets, ensure that the chosen barcode system can accommodate future needs.

8. Common Barcode Types:

The following are the most common barcode types used in the Market:

UPC (Universal Product Code): Common in retail for product identification.

Code 39: Code 39 is a General-purpose barcode used for various applications.

Code 128: It is a High-density barcode used for packaging, shipping, and logistics.

QR Code: It is a 2D barcode capable of storing more data than normal barcodes, commonly used for marketing and mobile applications.

Other than these we have lot more barcode generators useful for various industries.

FAQ on Toolerz Barcode Generator

Q1: How does Toolerz's Barcode Generator Work?

Ans: Our Barcode Generator utilizes algorithms to encode input text into a barcode format. The generator then creates a visual representation of the barcode in the form of an image file (JPG & PNG), which can be downloaded using the download button.

Q2: What types of Barcodes can our Tool Create?

Ans: Our Barcode generator can create various types of barcodes, including UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-13, EAN-8, Code 39, Code 128, QR codes, Data Matrix, and more. 

Q3: Is the Toolerz Barcode Generator Free?

Ans: Other barcode generator tools offer free versions with limited features, such as basic barcode creation and download options. However, advanced features or customization options may require a paid subscription or one-time purchase. But we are offering this tool for absolutely free. Even an enterprise can also use our tool for free.

Q4: How Accurate is Toolerz Barcode Generator?

Ans: Our development team has spent quality hours developing this tool. They worked very hard to get accurate results.

Our Barcode generator is highly accurate in encoding and creating barcodes according to established standards.


Q1 : Are bar codes free?
Ans : Yes its free, unless you have all information which you want to convert or generate as barcode, we could generate it with using After generating the barcode it can be downloaded 
Q2 : Can anyone create a barcode?
Ans : Yes, Anyone can create own barcode which is simple and very easy, All we need is information which we need to generate barcode. we have different types of mechanism for generating barcode such as EAN-13, UPC-A, Code 39, or ITF
Q3 : Can two barcodes be the same? ? 
Ans : Generally barcode generated should be unique for each product for easy tracking, if we use same barcode for multiple products or items its difficult to track the inventory or items.
Q4 : How do I create a barcode message?
Ans : Go to we have input box in which we need to give information which need to generated as barcode , after entering information into input field click generate button it tool it will generate barcode image which and be downloaded and can be printted.
Q5 : Will a photo of a barcode work?
Ans : Yes it will work if we have photo of generated barcode, unless until image is not blurred, photo is enough to get the information from barcode image, And we cannot use same image for multiple items again it will create problem in tracking and maintaining items.