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What is Toolerz Conception Calculator?

Toolerz Pregnancy Conception Calculator is a free online tool used to estimate the potential date of conception based on the expected due date of a pregnancy or the date of the last menstrual period (LMP).

The journey to parenthood begins with conception, determining the expected date of conception can be helpful for individuals or couples planning for pregnancy.

Our Conception Calculator is designed to estimate the date of conception based on various factors.

How to Use Toolerz Conception Calculator

Toolerz Pregnancy Conception Calculator is free to use, just follow the below steps to get the expected date of conception.

Step 1: Visit our website and search for "Conception Calculator"

Step 2: Enter the input parameters like "First Day of Last Period" and "Average Length of Cycles"

Step 3: Hit the Calculate button to get the information on the expected conception date, ovulation window, best intercourse days, next period start date, and pregnancy due date.

Benefits of Toolerz Conception Calculator:

Here are the benefits of using our free online conception calculator tool.

Fertility Tracking: Our calculator helps couples track their fertility by estimating the date of conception.

Pregnancy Planning: For those planning for pregnancy, knowing the likely conception date can assist with timing intercourse and fertility treatments.

Prenatal Care: Healthcare providers use this conception calculator to estimate gestational age and provide appropriate prenatal care to the mother.

Due Date Estimation: This tool can help you estimate the expected due date of a pregnancy.

Cycle Monitoring: Women can use this conception calculator to track ovulation and menstrual cycles, enhancing their understanding of fertility patterns.


If the first day of the last period is April 1, 2023, the estimated conception date would be around 13th April 2023. The other parameters calculated using our conception calculator have been listed below.

Most Probable Conception Day 13 Apr
Ovulation Window 15 Apr - 24 Apr
Best Intercourse Days for Pregnancy 11 Apr - 15 Apr
Pregnancy Test 24 Apr, 2023
Next Period Start 29 Apr, 2023
Due Date If Pregnant 06 Jan, 2024


Q1: How Accurate is Toolerz Conception Calculator?

Ans: There are many methods to calculate the expected conception date, however, the accuracy of our tool is about 90%, and most of online conception tools maintain 70% accuracy.

Q2: Can I use the Toolerz Conception Calculator if my Menstrual Cycles are Irregular?

Ans: Yes, you can still use our conception calculator if your menstrual cycles are irregular, but you have to enter the average menstrual cycle period to get accurate results. Here are some considerations if you have irregular menstrual cycles.