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What is an Inflation Calculator?

Toolerz Inflation Calculator enables its users to understand the increase in the value of a rupee in the future.

And, it exposes the real inflation and directs the policymakers to bring a change in the pay scale of the employees. They may belong to the Central Govt, State Govt, or even Private Sector.

Realizing the significance of the calculations on inflation that goes in, financial experts have developed Inflation calculators that provide the most accurate and precise results.

These complex solutions do precisely define the value of a rupee in a specific financial year about the slated rupee in 1958.

Benefits of Inflation Calculator:

You will need an Inflation Calculator to calculate the necessary increase in the wages/salaries of the employees.

The inflation Calculator becomes more handy for investors in analyzing the returns on their investments.

The inflation calculator does display the value of the sum of money in the past and the future.

The inflation calculator does support you with information on historic prices and future inflation.

The inflation calculator applies the average inflation rate and does project the estimates of the future prices and the values.

What are the indicators to Calculate the Inflation Rate?

Inflation is calculated by considering different indicators, such as:

(Indicator: Value)

(Cumulative inflation ( from 1958 to 2022): 8,808.16%) ;

(Average Annual Inflation (from 1958 to 2022): 7.27%) ;

(Consumer Price Index 1958: 1.6) ;

(Consumer Price Index  2022: 142.37);

How to Calculate Inflation in India:

For a current value of expense ( INR 10,000.00): Annual Inflation Rate (%): 7% Period in years ( 30 years)

The inflation calculator has indicators that calculate inflation and its reference to the value of money in the previous year (1958) is considered as the reference.

Since 1958, the inflation is calculated and the inflation that rose in the next 30 years, benchmarking 1958 is INR 76,12255.00 for the current value of expense of INR 10,000.00.

How to Calculate the Time Value of Money with Inflation Data?

By using the CPI formula:

Two different methods are used in calculating the time value of money. They are the Consumer Price Index (CPI), formula or Compound Interest Formula.

You can calculate the time value of money by using inflation data effectively.

Keeping the values of start and end years, you can use the formula, Value(t) = Value(0) x CPI(t)/CPI(0)

To calculate the value of buying power between 1958 and 2022, you can utilize the corresponding CPI values:

Value(2022) = Value(1958) x CPI(2022)/CPI(1958)

$100 x 142.37/1.6 = $8,908.16

Using the Compound Interest Formula:

FV = PV x (1 + i )^n

FV is the future value

PV is the present value

i is the interest ( inflation)

n is the number of times the interest is compounded.

The future value is known to be the final amount and it can be obtained by the application of the inflation rate made available in the initial value.

The inflation rate in 2022 can be calculated by taking the reference of 1956, and there were 64 years between 1958 and 2022 and the average inflation rate in 2022 was 7.2668%.

By applying the formula:

Value 2022 = PV ( 1 + i )^n = $100 x ( 1 + 0.072668)^64 = $8,908.16.

How Is the Inflation Rate Calculated in the USA?

Inflation is calculated by taking a basket of goods and services and the inflation rates are from the Consumer Price Index, CPI.

In the USA, government agencies make a record of the changes that take place in the consumer price index, CPI, from month to month and year to year.

Inflation Rate Formula:

(Price Index Year 2 - Price Index Year 1) / Price Index Year 1 x 100 = Inflation rate in Year 1.

You can calculate the inflation for the year 1850, and the procedure is simple. You must pick the current price index, and then subtract from the comparable price index based on 1850 data.

Further, the value obtained from subtraction must be divided by the 1850 index and multiplied by 100 to attain the percentage of inflation.

How Does the Bank of England Calculate Inflation Rates?

In the UK, the Bank of England provides an inflation calculator to check the change in prices from time to time and it is from 1909 till date.

The calculator utilises the consumer price index, and CPI inflation data stored at the Office for National Statistics since 1988 onwards.

For the current year, inflation calculations are conducted every month and the monthly inflation is dependent on the latest CPI levels.

And, the yearly inflation is calculated by taking the monthly averages of the 12 months.

Before 1988, the Consumer Price Index was modeled on the data that is stored for the Retail Price Index, RPI.

The UK’s Consumer Price Index Calculators enable Britain's government financial machinery (Bank of England) to set the target for inflation.

Importance of Inflation Calculator:

In any evolving economy, an increase in the prices of goods and services is termed Inflation.

With an increase in the price of goods and services, you will not be able to purchase the same quantity of goods and services that you could do earlier. In such circumstances, it is said that prices have inflated.

Likewise, the opposite of inflation is deflation. In this scenario, the prices of the goods and services do fall below a range and you can purchase more quantity of goods and services without compromising on quality.

Both scenarios do not yield good economic results but the calculation of the inflation is highly essential and the government economic and statistical agencies conduct surveys to understand the need to increase the wages/salaries of the employees.

Real Inflation:

In Finance, real inflation makes a different sense, it is the adjustment of finances to fight inflation. Example: Real wages do not increase with the inflating prices of goods and services.

Therefore, to meet the current goods and services expenses, the government financial agencies try to adjust the wages/salaries that enable them to obtain the required quantity of the goods and services just as before the price inflation.

Expression of the Historical Inflation Rates in the USA:

In the USA, between 1913 and 2019, the average annual inflation has risen by 3.10%.

In the USA, the inflation rate in one year, between 2017 and 2018 was 2.44% while it rose heavily to 8.2% in September 2022 in comparison to 12 months before.

To counter the measures, the Federal Reserve raised the short term borrowing to 0.75% just to slow down the inflation.

The Federal Reserve action has pulled down the inflation range between 3.75% and 4% and it has reached the highest level since January 2008.