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What Is QR Code About?

Smartphones are utilized to read the QR code that functions to represent a two-dimensional barcode. You can use the smartphone’s default camera app to read the QR codes.

QR Code Evolution:

In 1994, Denso Wave, a Japanese automotive company invented the QR code (registered trademark), a sort of matrix barcode in 1994. This QR Code that plays the role of a barcode is a machine-readable optical label.

It encodes the information about the item that is available in the barcode form. QR codes is an intermediary between a tracker, identifier, or locator and a website, or application.

QR Code Application:

Using the two-dimensional barcode technique, the QR code can encode up to 4000 characters.

A QR code has the ability to display text, open an URL, add contacts to the mobile hand’s address book, and even write up messages in text form.

Generate QR Code for Commercial Purposes

Remember, you shall not be restricted to utilize the QR Code for a specific purpose. The created QR code images can be used for commercial purposes too.

In case you want to use a “QR Code” then you will have to represent the company’s trademark comment.

What are the Properties of Static QR Codes?

QR codes are constructed in the image format, and the static QR code encodes your specified content into the image directly. The content so found in the image can be imagined to have been represented in different ways.

The limitation of the QR code image is that you cannot append the content once it is generated in the image form.

The size of the QR code image can be increased by appending the content they store.

Generate Dynamic QR Codes with Toolerz

A QR Code points towards the static URL that hosts the content and here, even after the QR code is printed, you can change the content.

How to Generate Dynamic QR Code:

You can create an URL that directs to the actual content and Toolez allows these generated dynamic QR codes to view, and draw the statistics of the tracking codes.

Create your custom QR Code with Toolerz

With Toolerz.com you can create both static & dynamic QR Codes, explore the features...

Set QR Content

On the Toolerz website, you can select content such as text, email, URL, etc. You must select your kind of option and then enter the fields as and when you tend to scan your QR code.

You must cross-validate your entered data because you cannot change the inputted content after the generation of the QR code in the print format.

Customize Design

You may like to customize your QR code design such as color and standard shapes incorporated on the QR code.

You can customize the corner elements and the body and also you can add a logo of your choice to your generated QR code.

You have the option of uploading your logo image, you can select the image from the gallery or even make your own selection of logo image.

You are free to upload the available templates from the template gallery.

Generate QR Code

Apply the slider to decide on the pixel resolution of your QR code. Then, you can view your QR code preview by tapping the ‘create QR code’ button.

You must make use of the QR Code scanner to preview the QR code to check whether the QR Code is working properly or not.

You can produce a PNG code with the print quality provided you will have to adopt a high-resolution setting.

Download Image

You can download your chosen image for your QR code with a file extension such as .png, .svg, .pdf, or .eps vector graphic.

You can develop the design with the vector format by selecting .svg. Software like Inkscape and adobe illustrator can work on designs with SVG file extensions.

You can download the logo and design settings for the .png and .svg extension image files.

FAQ about QR Code Generator

Q1: What is a QR code?

Ans: In 1994, Denso Wave invented Quick Response Code which is a barcode type.

Q2: Can I use the generated QR Codes for commercial purposes?

Ans: Yes, all QR codes you created with this QR generator are free and can be used for whatever you want.

Q3: Do the QR Codes have an Expiry?

Ans: The QR code is generated with QRCode Monkey that is static in nature hence they do not stop working.

Q4: What is the limiting period for QR Code scanning?

Ans: The QR code technology prevents QR codes to expire and they can be scanned umpteen times.

Q5: Is QRCode Monkey saving my data?

Ans: No, the QR code Money can be optimized for better performance.

Q6: Why is my vCard QR code not showing the correct fields?

Ans: When I operate the vCard QR code, I fail to view the fields properly. The QR code scanners shall function in alignment with the official vCard Standard only. So, in case you are unable to view the fields then you must go for another QR code scanner.

Q7: My QR code is not working, what can I do?

Ans: You should check your entered data and even minute mistakes in your URL can break the QR code.

Your QR codes can contain more information than usual. Hence, try to maintain minimal data on the QR code.

Check for the contrast between the background and foreground of the QR Code. Be mindful, the foreground must be darker than the background.

Q8: Does Toolerz QR Code work in all browsers?

Ans: Although the Toolerz's QR Code can function and browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Internet Explorer 11 support it, you need a modern HTML5 browser.