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What is Toolerz US Tax Calculator?

Toolerz US Tax Calculator is a free online tool designed to help individuals estimate their federal income tax liabilities in the United States.

Having a clear understanding of your tax liabilities is crucial in the US. The US Tax Calculator from is a valuable tool, simplifying the complex calculations associated with income tax.

This calculator considers various factors, such as income, deductions, credits, and filing status, to provide users with an approximate figure of their tax liability.

How to Calculate Your Tax in Toolerz

Here is the step-by-step to calculate the US Tax using our free online tool.

Step 1: Visit our website and search for US Tax Calculator

Step 2: Enter the input parameters like 

Annual Gross Salary: Your yearly gross salary

Tax Filing Status: Choose between Single, Married and Filing Jointly, Head of Household, Married and Filing Separately

Step 3: Cross check the entered details and hit the Calculate button

Every year, in the US during the financial year-end, the salary-class people get busy using Income Tax Calculators, but why?

The reason behind this is simple: the Income Tax calculators enable you to determine the amount of salary that gets credited into your salary account.

To calculate the net income, you must make calculations based on parameters like federal tax, state tax, and other additional deductions that are mandatory.

However, if you like to list out the parameters that shape up your net income then they shall be federal taxes, state taxes, Medicare, Social Security, and other payments.

How does the US Tax Department Define Tax on your Gross Salary?

Consider an example for the income tax calculations, under a preset condition:

The person can be under the single category/below the age of 65/non-blind then the final take-home calculations shall affect your gross income say $40,000 in this manner.

For a salary of $40,000, the standard deduction is $13,850 and the total taxable amount will be $26,150.

For a tenure of 2018-2025, the personal exemption of $4,050 has been eliminated. Further, to calculate, you must consider the tax bracket.

In the first tax bracket, you must pay a 10% tax on $11000 of your income, and it is $1,100.

In the second tax bracket, you must pay 12% tax on the remaining $15,150 and then it comes to $ 1,818.

The total amount of tax shall be $1,100 + $15,150 = $1,818.

Relatively, there will be other deductions: 6.2% of $40,000 against social security cost ( $2,480).

1.45% of $40,000 against Medicare ( $580), Federal Tax will be $5,978.

Therefore, if you sum up the total amount and subtract it from gross salary then your take-home salary will be $34,022.

In the US, your income shall attract Federal and State Income tax and your earned net salary is a result of several sorts of deductions.

These deductions include Federal Tax, State Tax, Social Security, Medicare, Total FICA and after which you will receive your take-home salary.

At a grosser level, your yearly tax home is the deduction of the effective tax imposed on your gross yearly income. And, the effective tax rate imposed on the gross yearly income is 21.91% for a gross annual salary of $100,000.

From the above tabular column, it is evident that tax can be calculated on yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily

For a yearly calculation,

On your annual gross income of $100,000, your yearly deduction shall be of the following order:

Federal Tax ($14,257.86): State Tax ( $0.00) Social Security Tax ( $6,200.00): Medicare ($1,450.00): & Total FICA ( $7,650.00) & the taxable amount ($86,138.00) and your take home ($78,080.14).

Key Features of US Income Tax Calculator:

Here are some key features of our tool compared to other tools online.

User-Friendly Interface:

Our calculator has a user-friendly interface, and hassle-free experience making it accessible to every individual.

Users can simply input the given financial information and get a quick estimate of their tax liability.

Real-Time Computation:

We have designed a dynamic tool that often incorporates real-time tax laws and regulations, ensuring that users receive accurate estimates based on the latest regulations.

The tax laws in the US may undergo periodic changes, keeping that in mind, we have added dynamic features to it.

Free Tool:

Unlike other income tax calculators online, we are offering our tool free of cost. Anyone can access any number of times for absolutely free.